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Gov’t pledges bulk water project to serve Greater Ngoma Cattle Corridor


Gov’t pledges bulk water project to serve Greater Ngoma Cattle Corridor

The Minister of Public Service Wilson Muruli Mukasa has pledged government commitment to resolve the existing water challenge for people and cattle within the districts of Nakaseke,  Luwero and Nakasongola.

While responding to concerns by Greater Ngoma Development Foundation (GNDF) Chairperson Professor Wilber Ahebwa over the prolonged water crisis in the area at Ngoma Secondary School’s 25 years celebration, Minister Muruli said that the water project is set to have water supplied by gravity from Lake Kyoga across Greater Ngoma to neighboring districts areas.

The project is to also help set up huge water reservoirs in greater Ngoma where people will have access to water during long drought seasons.

The Minister mentioned that there has been need for a centralized water project since the Lugogo water stream is very far from the majority populated location.

“This bulk water transfer from Kyoga will serve Nakasongola, Nakaseke and Luwero and by assurance the project base is already under construction at Kyoga for the project to commence, we believe this will go a long way in solving the drought crisis and provide water for production in Greater Ngoma,” He said

Adding that the government is yet to kick start construction of Ngoma Town Water supply and sanitation system and the funds have already been displaced through the Ministry of Water and Environment under Water and sanitation development facility.

He hailed Greater Ngoma Development Foundation saying that it’s by their advocacy and lobbying initiatives that a number of good services are extended to the people of the area and cautioned stakeholders and the public not to get involved in corruption and fraud as they will deter the success of the project.

“In most cases the implementation also depends on an adequate level of public awareness, willingness to promote and attain sustainable management which you Greater Ngoma Development Foundation have done very well,” he said.

During the celebration, the Foundation aided the school with 20 desktop computers and 50 beds that they lobbied from the government to help the school produce standardized elites who can compete anywhere in the world.

Greater Ngoma Development Foundation is a joint effort umbrella body that brings together in their different capacities borns of the area and those working within with a sole purpose of identifying community problems and finding solutions.

The foundation ‘Grounded for Growth’ operates under objectives of mindset change, unity, lobbying and advocacy, social economic transformation that feeds directly into the National Development Plan in which members effectively and jointly work towards better Greater Ngoma transformation.

The foundation operates within areas of Ngoma Town Council and sub counties of Ngoma, Kinoni, Kinyogoga and Wakyato where it stands in engagement with different stakeholders among which include leaders from lower local authorities, religious and cultural leaders, Ministries and concerned Citizens.

Since her establishment, the foundation has achieved a number of progresses which include lobbying installment of two telecommunication masts from MTN and Airtel.

“The Installation of these masts has since addressed and mounted the network issues in greater Ngoma areas, more three masts are soon to be set up,” said Ahebwa, the foundation Chairperson.

Furthermore the foundation managed to lobby computers for Kinyogoga seed Secondary School and Ngoma Secondary School as part of the initiatives of uplifting the education sector of the area.

“We are happy to inform our people in Ngoma and the General public that the effort yielded results, the ministry of education through our lobbying and advocacy efforts donated computers to our schools and installation by UCC is already done,” said Ahebwa.

The foundation further engaged with Joint Medical Stores on improved health service delivery in Greater Ngoma which has since resulted into an MOU to mark a working relationship in greater Ngoma.

“They agreed on providing reagents for the available machines at health centers in Greater Ngoma, extend health camps and also offer free technical services in repairing and maintenance of medical equipment in Greater Ngoma among others,” said Ahembwa.

Ahebwa said that through Unity in diversity they (Greater Ngoma Development Foundation) are committed to further transform their society thus urging other concerned Citizens to join the noble cause.



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