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Muslims renew faith through sharing, tolerance and prayer during Ramathan


Muslims renew faith through sharing, tolerance and prayer during Ramathan

Mr. Isa Kiralira, the Executive Director of Nile Humanitarian Dialogue (Second from Left) hosted a cross section of people from diverse religious backgrounds to a dinner in commemoration of unity, a key value marked during the Holly month of Ramathan

As the muslim community worldwide, continues to observe the Holy month of Ramathan, the faithful are using the Holly month to renew their relationship with the creator by answering Allah’s call for sharing, tolerance and supplication or absolute submission to the Almighty.

One of the hallmarks of Ramathan are the twin values of sharing and tolerance. Muslims World over use this period to donate food, money, and other material things to especially the needy. In Arab countries the rich people open their gates for the poor to enter and share with them meals. This practice is non-discriminatory as people of all faiths are allowed to partake of the bounty that the Almighty has given someone.

Ugandans have mostly been at the receiving end of this generosity from Arabs, than the other way round. As we witnessed last week ahead of the start of the Holly month, The Muslim World League, which has been in Uganda for the last 38 years, celebrated yet another feat of donating Ramathan food baskets to Ugandans. They have done this for the past 38 years without stopping.

For their consistency and generosity, they received from several dignitaries who gathered to witness the flagging off of yet another nation-wide donation of Ramathan food baskets targeting some 3000 families in different parts of the country.

The messages of appreciation were led by the Chief Guest and Minister for Kampala Hajat Minsa Kabanda who expressed her gratitude for MWL for always responding to the plight of the needy and vulnerable families especially those living in Kampala.

Hajat Kabanda said: “The Holly Month of Ramathan is an opportunity to seek out and to share with each other and to share with the needy. We thank you MWL for this gesture. I am in charge of many needy people and I hope we shall continue giving them. I hope that our two offices will coordinate.”

The Deputy Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Abdallah Ssemambo added to the messages of gratitude when he said that no year has passed without MWL donating essential food items to support needy people ahead of the Holly month of Ramathan.

The Ambassador of The Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, H.E. Jamal ibn Muhammad AL Madani added to the praises of MWL by noting that the organisation’s objective is to answer the directive of the Almighty Allah.

Indeed as the Director of MWL in Uganda, Othuman Ibn Ahmed Al Omar observed, their assistance has gone towards alleviating pai and suffering of vulnerable communities in many parts of Uganda.

The Saudi-based Muslim World League is not the only organization participating in charity. The Nile Humanitarian Dialogue, based in Muyenga also hosted a diverse group of people who included muslims and non- muslims, women, youth to a sumptuous dinner in Kampala, in addition to handing out perks to those that turned up.

The Executive Director of the Nile Humanitarian Dialogue, Isa Kiralira, who reminded the guests that Ramathan is a celebration of the divine power of unity.

“Ramathan reminds us that we are all the same. This therefore means that we have to unite if we are to live in peace,” Kiralira said while hosting friends of the Nile Dialogue, an organization that uses charity and dialogue as a way to promote peace among Ugandans.



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