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Kabuleta to be charged with promoting sectarianism


Kabuleta to be charged with promoting sectarianism


The National Economic Empowerment Dialogue President Joseph Kabuleta has been arrested from his party offices in Bugolobi.

Kabuleta was picked by plain-clothed security officers and put into a waiting black drone vehicle to unknown place.

Kabuleta had just finished addressing a weekly press briefing, was whisked off in a black drone in which other people were waiting.

Police says that Kabuleta was arrested for promoting sectarianism.

In a statement issued by the Assistant Spokesperson of the Uganda Police Force Clair Nabakka, Kabuleta was picked up after he refused to honour summons.

“Today 28th November 2022 at 1255hrs, Joseph Kabuleta was arrested after failing to honor Police summons issued to him to report to KMP on 3rd Nov 2022 at 1000hrs for interview and statement recording on charges of Promoting Sectarianism”

Kabuleta had just talked about the current state of insecurity in the country, in which he asked the government to come out with an explanation on the approach of managing the recent cases of insecurity in the different parts of the county.

The opposition National Economic Empowerment Dialogue Party had expressed concerns over the way the authorities are handling the cases of insecurity that have involved attacks on several police posts and officers with the aim of robbing guns.

Kabuleta notes that for some cases where the authorities are trying to manage the situation the suspects involved are being killed instantly which has left many questions unanswered.

He urged President Yoweri Museveni to come out and address the nation about the security state of the country rather than leaving the population guessing since national security has been his biggest achievement over the years.

“Officials are coming out to say they know who is doing it we are warning them, how do you warn somebody who is stealing guns , when did this government start warning people who steal guns , the president should come and tell us, is there a rebel group that we should be worried about, who is stealing guns, and how come they seem to be so bold and how come when police get them they are killing them, why do not they hold them and they tell us, who sent them because even those being caught apparently are being killed before they say anything so there is something fishy going on the country and perhaps it is time we address it”-Kabuleta

Kabuleta adds that the efforts by President Yoweri Museveni to woo foreign investors to establish businesses in the country will end in futility if these consistent attacks on the police and other forms of insecurity continue to be reported.



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