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Sudan clashes linked to regime overstay


Sudan clashes linked to regime overstay

NEED spokesperson Moses Matovu

NEED urges leaders to work on political dialogue for M7 to avoid similar situation

The civil society, religious leaders and the general public have been challenged to demand for dialogue on the peaceful transfer of power if the country is to avoid the turmoil currently being experienced in Sudan.
Members of the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue Party, one of the new political parties in Uganda say that regular conduct of general elections does not guarantee peace for countries where the leaders have overstayed in power.

Moses Matovu, the spokesperson, the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue NEED Party, says that failure to have an assured peaceful transition of power risks the country’s future after the overstayed leader finally leaves power.

Appealing to Ugandans to demand for the dialogue on peaceful transition of Power, Matovu attributed the ongoing fighting in Sudan to the overstay of Omar Hassan Al-Bashir in power that led to the collapse of government institutions.

The opposition National Economic Empowerment Dialogue has called on President Yoweri Museveni to assent to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill for the good of this country’s future.

Moses Matovu, the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue Party says that the legal technicalities being fronted should not be an excuse for President Museveni not to sign the much-desired piece of legislation.

Matovu says that parliament should urgently rectify the loopholes in the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as identified by President Museveni so that it is eventually signed.

He said that those in authority should not give economic reasons in order to fail this Anti-Homosexually bill. According to Matovu, sources at last week’s NRM parliamentary caucus, President Museveni expressed concern about the survival of people living with HIV after development partners cut off their financial support because of the passing of Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Matovu says the solution to overcome the country’s financial dependence on development partners lies in appropriate expenditure and intensifying the fight against corruption. He opposed the proposed increase of taxes on fuel and sugar.



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