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Busoga finds its missing link


Busoga finds its missing link

Queen of Busoga unveiled

A sense of unmitigated euphoria has gripped the people of Busoga and Ugandans at large following the announcement that the Kyabazinga had at long last found a suitor in the names of Ms. Mutesi Jovia. 

The Katwikiro (Prime Minister of Busoga) Dr. Joseph Muvawala, with great sense of excitement announced that the team that was dispatched by Kyabazinga William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Gabula Nadiope IV, to negotiate for the Inhebantu, had succeeded in securing consent from the parents of the future Queen. 

Dr. Muvawala said: “It’s a momentous day for the people of Busoga all over the world as I announce that we have got Her Royal Highness the Inhebantu of Busoga following the just concluded traditional ceremonies that were successfully held.”

This was after the team returned victorious from a visit to the family of Mr. And Mrs. Stanley Bayole, a former Mayor of Mayuge, where they had gone to negotiate for Mutesi’s hand in marriage with the Kyabazinga.

The fact that Kyabazinga, 34, a youthful handsome, well-educated royal, had not found a suitor almost 9 years since attaining the throne in 2014, had been a source of great discomfort among the Basoga.

Kyabazinga Gabula Nadiope was crowned in 2014, after a protracted succession battle with Prince Wambuzi.

If a man is not whole without a wife, a kingdom is equally incomplete without a queen, many had argued. 

The announcement of the Inhebantu therefore sparked a lot of joy because it completes the kingdom, but also paves way for continuity of the monarchy as the Queen is supposed to bare the heir to the throne and thus take forward the culture and traditions of the kingdom for future generations. 

Although in Busoga tradition, Nadiope’s successor will not be automatically the next Kyabazinga, as the decision is taken by the council of clan leaders, at least for the people of Bugabula, it represents hope for a future leader of their clan.

The announcement of the inhebantu is timely as it precedes events to commemorate the 9th coronation anniversary of Gabula Nadiope as the fourth Kyabazinga of Busoga. 

Securing Inhebantu will thus be considered a major achievement of the king, but will also spice up the ceremony. 

Who is the new Inhebantu?

Contrary to social media talk that the next Queen of Busoga might be a Munyarwanda, owing perhaps to her very light complexion and name, Ms. Mutesi Jovia is a pure born and bred Musoga. She is a daughter to Mr. Stanley Bayole from the Baise Mugose clan of Mayuge while her mother belongs to the Baise Mugabwe clan.

Jovia was educated at St. Mary’s Namagunga from S.1 to S.6 before she joined Makerere University where she pursued a Bachelors in Economics. Her current employment is not known yet, but friends have described her as an intelligent, composed, self-respecting individual.

Inhebantu’s outstanding personal qualities of immense beauty, education and character are something that will complement the king and bring honour to the kingdom, some have argued.

The sense of joy among his subjects could not be hidden as many ulululated across the towns and villages of Busoga for beating the curse of singlehood.

Since the announcement was made, the social media landscape in Uganda has been lit with congratulatory messages from across the political, social and religious corners as the name #Mutesi became one of the top trending subjects in Uganda.

Speaker Annet Anita Among was among those that sent in her congratulations. 

She said: “I am delighted to convey hearty Congratulations to the Isebantu, His Royal Highness William Gabula Nadiope IV upon finding a suitable Inebantu and Mother to the Kingdom of Busoga, Her Royal Highness Jovia Mutesi. I congratulate you our King, and the great people of Busoga upon…”

Speaker Among is married to Eng. Moses Magogo, the MP of Budiope East in Buyende district is a Musoga himself.

Former Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, a kingpin in Busoga politics and a royalist, couldn’t hide her excitement. She posted of her x handle that: “Your Royal Highness the inhebantu , Jovia Mutesi, we welcome you to the Chiefdom of Bugabula and to the Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga, we have been anxiously waiting for you.”

Many ordinary Basoga said they were overjoyed by the news of the Inhebantu. 

One Denis Mwesigwa remarked: “Honestly, I didn’t imagine something like this would give me this much joy! It’s just powerful!”

Other congratulatory mesages have cone from all over the country including from Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, ministers, state institutions like URA as well as private organisations like MTN and Airtel. 

Katikkiro Mayiga said: “The announcement of the Inhebantu Mutesi Jovia, brings us lots of joy. We wish his Highness the Kyabazinga lots of luck and happiness as he prepares to get engaged on November 18, 2023. We congratulate all the people of Busoga.” 

If the history of royal marriages is anything to by, the next two months, Busoga will be the place to be foe any journalist as the kingdom prepares for the Christian marriage ceremony between the Kyabazinga and his queen on November 18, 2023 at Christ Cathedral in Jinja City. 



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