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Museveni assumes NAM Chairmanship with a call for continued Solidarity and cooperation


Museveni assumes NAM Chairmanship with a call for continued Solidarity and cooperation

President Yoweri Museveni yesterday assumed the chairmanship of the Non-aligned Movement (NAM) with a call for solidarity and cooperation among member counties.

President Museveni applauded the principles upon which the movement was started to stop colonialism, imperialism which oppressed least developed countries.

Museveni said that having the advantage of scientific innovations was one of the reasons that greedy countries undermined people’s freedom and exploited others.

“The oppressors, miscalculate when they use their temporary advantage in science and technology to think that they can use that to indefinitely oppress other people”-Museveni

He says that having fought these empires, now the Non-Aligned Movement countries must concentrate on solving human problems.

In reference to Uganda being a food basket, Museveni said the international community should not be blinded by the stereotypes about how Africa is struggling adding that Africa countries have a lot of natural resources that can be turned into valuable products.

He said through cooperation countries can support each other economically by ensuring right investments, creations of jobs and markets.

“In the negotiations for the Pact of the Future, the outcome document of the upcoming United Nations Summit of the Future to be held in New York in September 2024, we should clearly define priorities that favour developing countries by maintaining unity, solidarity and collective coordination among our Member States, in line with the Bandung principles”-Museveni noted.

The UN General Assembly President Dennis Francis urged the NAM membership to use their position to influence a peaceful resolution in the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

“Am deeply concerned and indeed dismayed about the ongoing calamity in Gaza strip and so I call upon this movement to exert its influence in bringing a halt to the carnage that we heartlessly witnessing, that situation beholds to ask how much is enough and does the very concept of enough even exist in this setting”-Dennis Francis.

Looking at the future of the region Dennis Francis re-echoed his urgent call to all parties to refrain from action that could spill over to the neighboring countries.

He renewed his demand for immediate humanitarian ceasefire and for release of all hostages, adding this stand is the only credible cause of action for authentically addressing and later on resolving this conflict.

Dennis Francis noted that wanton prosecution of violence only inspires inter-generational appetite for retribution and reprisal.

“Am convinced that a negotiated political solution is the sole path through which both Israelis and Palestinians will realize their fundamental right to a life of peace based on the two-state solution. As the president of the UN General assembly, I will support and encourage any and all initiatives to that end. you can count on me to remain steady fast on that commitment.”

Delivering a message on behalf of the outgoing Chair of the Non-Aligned Movement, Azerbaijan President Ilham Heydar Oghlu Aliyev, Jeynun Bayramov, the Azerbaijan Foreign Minister revealed that the emergency of COVID19 pandemic proved the significance of solidarity and cooperation among NAM countries to address common challenges.

This as he highlighted the achievements of President Aliyev’s achievements over the past four years despite the challenge of covid19.

He pointed out that the countries managed to come up with initiatives that ensure effective response to the pandemic and also set up platforms to observe human rights.

Cuban Vice President Salvador Valdes Mesa, Turkey’s Vice President Cevdet Yilmaz and African Union Commission Chairperson Moussa Faki joined other leaders who called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza..



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