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Israel-Palestine Conflict takes centre stage at NAM ministerial meeting


Israel-Palestine Conflict takes centre stage at NAM ministerial meeting

Uganda’s vice-president Jessica Alupo addressing the Non Alidged Movement Ministerial meeting in Kampala on Jan 18

The Heads of States of the Non-Aligned Movement must continue the constructive conversation on the issues of common interests for which the movement was started in order to find solutions to emerging issues and challenges in the global south.

Opening the ministerial meeting ahead of the Heads of Summit meeting on Thursday Jan 18, Uganda’s Vice President Jesica Alupo noted that the founding principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity among others are still relevant today even as the international situation gets complex.

Alupo urged that 120 members of the Non-Aligned Movement to maintain unity and cooperation to address the growing political, social and economic challenges and new emerging issues that stifle their development.

“This meeting has come at a challenging time for our membership from the political and diplomatic front to the social and economic, there are many existing new and emerging issues that challenge our individual and collective efforts towards building a prosperous and resilient societies. Ongoing geo-political tensions and conflicts such as the conflict between Israel and Palestine, Ukraine and Russia e.t,c are a matter of concern for all of us.

Referring to the theme of the 19 NAM Summit, “Deepening cooperation for Shared global Affluence”, Alupo says member countries must foster regional and international trade technological transfer, value addition as a move to address the structural bottlenecks and weaknesses hindering social-economic transformation.

We believe that deepening cooperation is the best mutually benefiting way to create global wealth and affluence that can trickle down to all parts of the world and in turn enhance the capacities of all economies to increase global demand to create jobs for our people and also create market among NAM economies but also all nations in the world deepening cooperation will require all barriers impeding progress.

Assuming the chairmanship of the NAM Ministerial Meeting, Gen. Jeje Odongo Uganda’s Foreign Affairs, pointed out that there is need for unity and strong cooperation among member states in order to succeed in the five priorities areas Uganda intends to focus on during her tenure.

Our chairmanship will work towards a strong membership and a Strong NAM that contributes to a better world for all, we shall focus among other areas on international peace and security, a fight against terrorism, the agenda 2030 and sustainable development goals, achieving meaningful results , these and many other require cooperation and collaborations within our membership and other likeminded partners.

Odongo took over the chairmanship of the NAM Ministerial Meeting from Azerbaijan’s deputy minister of foreign Affairs Yalchin Rafiyev.

South Africa called called for the expansion of the United Nations security council to accommodate Africa and Asian countries as permanent members.

Deliberating at the 19th NAM Ministerial meeting ongoing at Speke resort Munyonyo in Kampala, South Africa’s Minister of International relations and Cooperation, Dr. Naledi Pandor Mandisa said the UN security Council should be expanded as a one of the reforms of the global governance system to provide a permanent representative from the global south.

Naledi Mandisa stressed the need for a reformed and equitable global governance system, that permits settlement of disputes by peaceful means.

She said the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) should advocate against selective application of international law.

“As NAM we should continue to advocate strongly for a global governance system that is fair, equitable and has the capacity to respond to the needs of all countries and people. A system that is not just a tool for the most powerful countries of the world”

Calling for reforms in the global governance system Dr.Naledi suggested that the UN security council should be is one of the urgent reforms.

“Our belief is that the UN security council should be expanded with urgency to include countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America as permanent members,” said Dr. Naledi

Dr. Naledi asked NAM member states not to ignore the plight of the people of Palestine calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

“We are witnessing, what we as South Africa believe is a genocide of unprecedented proportions. It is for this reason that as a country we referred the situation in Palestine to the International Court of Justice to receive provision measures including ordering Israel to stop this military Campaign in Gaza.

Nambia, Alegria, Ghana currently attending the Summit and many countries all over the world have made a call for an immediate comprehensive ceasefire and a need for humanitarian assistance for the people of Gaza.



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