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Pope Francis faces silent revolt


Pope Francis faces silent revolt

Pope Francis, in an encyclical on environment has backed scientists and environmental activists that human activity is cause of climate chnage

Pope Francis

Pope Francis faces a silent revolt over his disguised pastoral letter whose import has since been interpreted as being a plot to direct leaders of the Roman Catholic Church he leads to bless same sex marriages.

Pope Francis’ predecessor, Benedict’s abdication was said to have been caused by pressure said to have been exerted on him to allow the Church he led to embrace gays and their sex orientation.

Pope Francis a liberal Cardinal was then appointed to replace Pope Benedict with allegedly the connivance of the powerful Cardinals from the powerful countries across Europe with the intention to use him and his office to prevail over the Roman Catholic Church to recognize homosexuality.

Consequently, Pope Francis is said to have issued the recent controversial letter allegedly instructing the Catholic Church around the world to embrace the controversial same sex marriages practices out of the enormous influence from those powerful Cardinals from Europe and their respective powerful countries.

As can be expected, Cardinals from Africa and the rest of the world who do not recognize the practice of homosexuality have since flatly rejected to kowtow to Pope Francis’ letter, causing a silent revolt in the most populated Church across the globe.

Immediately after the issuance of the Pontiff’s letter, our own Crown Cardinal, Kampala Archdiocese Bishop, Paul Ssemogerere called a press conference and asserted the Church was committed to what the scriptures command in regard to marriage.

Other Cardinals from countries averse to homosexuality have also since rejected Pope Francis’ skewed interpretation of the scriptures with the view of causing the Church to embrace homosexuality, setting off a silent revolt against the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Notably, Archbishops and Bishops from across Africa gathered in Ghana’s capital city of Accra on Thursday and issued a joint statement unambiguously trouncing Pope Francis’ controversial letter.

They asserted,” The Church doctrine on Christian marriage and sexuality remains unchanged”.

The met under their umbrella organization known as the Symposium of Episcopal Conference of Africa and Madagascar.

Continued the unrelenting men of God,” For this reason, we, the African Bishops don’t consider it appropriate for Africa to bless homo sexual unions or same sex couples.”

And concluded,” Giving the blessing could cause confusion and would be in direct contradiction to the cultural ethos of our African communities.”

Before that Archbishops and Bishops of Ivory Coast had observed,” We cannot hide the risk of confusion and scandal that blessing same sex couples could generate within our local church.”

Relatedly, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria had this to say,” That would be against the God’s law, the teachings of the church, the laws of our nation and the cultural sensibilities of our people.”

Suffice it to say, all the Archbishops and Bishops of Africa save those from South Africa, unanimously differed with Pope Francis’ directions of embracing the same sex couple marriage unions.



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