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My grandson denies ISLAM!!


My grandson denies ISLAM!!

The author Hajj Ashraf Ssimwogerere

The author Hajj Ashraf Ssimwogerere

In 1973, I was with my mom coming from Bombo hospital (now a military hospital). As we waited for the bus back home, there was a tall black man walking the other side of the road. A jeep full of soldiers armed with G3 rifles sped from the side of the barracks and suddenly stopped by the tall man.

The soldiers jumped off the jeep and settled on the tall man beating him with gun buts, plus kicking anywhere on his body. It was a terrible sight. One of the soldiers pulled a bayonet and pushed it into the man’s abdomen. My mom was so frightened and settled my face on her lap not to see.

They latter threw the immobile body of the tall man onto the jeep before speeding back towards the barracks. I over heard from the people around the bus stop saying; “Bamusse”(they’ve killed him).

When narrating the story to dad that evening mom told him that the man was an Acholi. I thought  “Acholi” was I verb and seriously told dad and mom that when I grow up, I will never be an “acholi” just to be beaten and killed like that. They laughed but for me it wasn’t a joking matter. Later I learnt that  Acholis were a tribe which Amin hated for political reasons. Many of them were extra judiciary killed as treason suspects. Today 45yrs later I saw a scene similar on my phone and TV against a one Yusuf Kawoya.

That is not my major concern for today but as we were discussing the nasty incident near Christ the king against Yusuf with madam, she said that he is also a Muslim.  Our ka grand son Ashraf aka (minhaj) in top class lamented that; “Jjaja nze bwenakula ssija kuba musilaamu” (when I grow up, I will never be a muslim). I was shocked and angrily shouted at him never to repeat denouncing islam.

I asked the small boy why?. The boy got very shocked and with tears welling up in his eyes (ebiyengeyenge) he said; “Anti abasiraamu abakulu babakuba nnyooo!!!!”. He cried. I was lost for words. I recalled my story of never wanting to become an Acholi when I grow up and regretted shouting at my Kazukulu  bambi.

“Allahu Akbar.”  I saw madam dropping a tear. I sympathized with her because two of her uncles (Sheiks) are in Luzira for life, having been convicted of verbal terrorism!!!.

She sat the boy on her lap to hide her tears from him, before moving to the bedroom.    The many times I have been watching TV news with my kazukulu as Muslims were tortured, the question; “era ba siramu?”, has been synonymous with terror news. I asked my self why are Muslims quite as this is happening.

I remembered one time at Makerere university, when a Vice Chancellor (RIP), proposed to add pork to the menu. All Ugandan Muslims without sects came out to condemn the proposal.

Even when some lady proposed to stop the Adhan (kwazina) in the mornings. Ugandan Muslims chorused to force her detract her statement.

Today the Muslims are silent  as their brothers, sisters, sons, fathers, and moms, are being brutalised. Except from a few uncoordinated voices here and there. It cannot be denied Muslims also commit crimes. But it hurts when a Muslim is denied bail while other people in similar crimes are considered for bail. There is no justice for Muslims in Uganda today. A mere beard is enough to send you to prison.

What angers me most is; “I’ve not seen a Rev, Father, Bishop, Cardinal, or anybody from other religions, standing as a witness against a Muslim. “IT IS ALWAYS A MUSLIM  AGAINST ANOTHER MUSLIM”. It is even more ironical and annoying when the lawyers, the judges, and the assessors working on the case are noT Muslims.  I’ve not again seen a leader from the main stream religions abusing Muslims. It is Muslims against each other.

Muslims spying on each other. Telling lies against brothers and sisters. The business of Old Kampala vs Kibuli has destroyed the Muslim Ummah of Uganda. For example, I pray either at Nateete regional mosque or at Old Kampala because those places are convenient for me as I stay in Rubaga. But my old good friend is ever blaming me for praying at Old Kampala. That; “eyo teri swalla”. I also know of Muslims who refuse their sons and daughters to marry because they are from the opposite of Kibuli or Old Kampala. Imagine!!!.

We blame government for marginalizing us Muslims, but who is the catalyst?.

We are our own enemies number one before the government comes in to exploit the advantage. I believe no government would victimize a combined force of Muslims. Usually with matters concerning our religion when we say NO it is a NO.

Today when Old Kampala says no, Kibuli may say yes and vice-versa.

Now our grand children are denying Allah’s Deen and the religion of our great great great grand fathers.

It is Muslims who are killed. It is the same Muslims who are arrested as suspects for killing fellow Muslims. It is the fellow Muslims who give evidence against the arrested. And it is Muslims who are convicted.

At the end we blame the government!!!!!.


I leave this here for our Ulamas to digest.



Dr. Ashraf Simwogerere, is an acclaimed playwright, film producer, performing artist and professional dentist. In 2016 he was recognized as one of Uganda's National Heroes. Dr. Semwogerere is one of the most recognised faces of Uganda's Theatre having scripted and produced plays such as `Suubi` and `Mukajanga`.

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