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Why is Ssemuju trying to prove FDC critics right?


Why is Ssemuju trying to prove FDC critics right?

FDC-Spokesman-SSemujju Ibrahim Nganda

FDC-Spokesman-SSemujju Ibrahim Nganda

After 30 years of Museveni in power, I would have expected opposition leaders to have learnt something from his reign. But I was disappointed when Ssemuju Nganda unveiled a number of pressure points FDC hoped would force government to agree to an internationally facilitated audit of presidential results.

The plans included among others:

Rallying FDC supporters to remain confined to their homes every Thursday in solidarity with Dr. Besigye until security agencies allow him free movement.

  1. Calling on supporters to boycott activities of a group of local artistes who recorded president Museveni’s song, Tubonga Nawe.
  1. Compiling a list of businessmen they suspect helped bankroll Museveni’s campaign, publish the list and rally supporters to boycott their businesses and products of these businesses.

With all the above, I’m very sure that FDC leaders still have a long way to go in terms of politics and leadership.

Ever since Besigye came on the political scene, it became apparent that Museveni gets fewer votes in Kampala. But has anybody ever seen Museveni rallying his supporters to boycott Besigye supporters and their products? The answer is no.

Secondly, how many times have people abused Museveni through all media outlets and Museveni just keeps his cool. Have you heard him threatening to retaliate?he answer is still no.

So, why is FDC making a lot of noise? Why are they threatening to discriminate all Museveni’s supporters? And why has Besigye or Muntu come out to disassociate themselves from this position. Is this the kind of democracy they have been preaching to us all along? That when a person does not support you, they become your enemies.

I thought the Uganda constitution allows all Ugandans to support and vote a candidates of their choice. Since when did supporting a candidate of your choice become a crime? If Ugandans are not allowed free choice how dare anybody call Museveni a dictator? Isn’t this contradictory?

I want to inform my fellow oppositionists that the musicians they want to boycott have done no harm other than exercising their birth right of making a personal choice. If there are politicians who believe that these musicians should be discriminated against then I am afraid this is not my kind of democracy.

Had Museveni behaved the way FDC is preaching now I am sure we would not be having any elections. A great leader is one who persuades his enemies to his side but not to condemn them. I don’t want to get disappointed in the opposition Besigye should disassociate himself from politics of hate.






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