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NWSC seriously needs government’s support


NWSC seriously needs government’s support

NWSC boss Silver Mugisha

National Water boss Silver Mugisha

If  there is one organization that has failed me this in terms of public service, it is National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC). It seems like all the warnings they gave in the past years have come true.

In one of their stakeholder meetings I attended at their resource center, that’s exactly what is happening to us people who live in Kyengera.

Those who live in the city may not know what happens outside their boundaries but water scarcity is the order of the day for us who live in the city suburbs. I know what I am talking about because I am a resident of Kyengera. In my village, the only day water is released is Friday and it usually comes around midnight to be précise.

Ever since this year started, we have not had a chance to cry fatigue on Fridays because that would mean losing out on water. And to make matters worse, when NWSC releases that water, it flows in droplets making us wait for at least 3 hours just to fill one 20 litre  jerry can of water.

At the moment, NWSC plans to connect 10000 villages to the water grid by 2020 but want the government to meet half of the 180 billion costs. And some of their plans include engaging in a network expansion at the Ggaba water works aimed at increasing water coverage in Kampala and parts of Wakiso Districts.

I don’t know what exactly the real problem is in NWSC for us to suffer such a water scarcity but if it means having government support to solve those problems then I kindly urge the government to support them.




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