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Why Iteso, Jopadhola are killing themselves over Tororo

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Why Iteso, Jopadhola are killing themselves over Tororo

Tororo which is the point of contention

Tororo which is the point of contention

When I heard that the Government was organizing a trip for Iteso and Jopadhola in Tororo to go to England for mediation over who should be given the creation of a new Tororo District, I knew that this was a con deal. The Minister of Lands, Mrs Betty Amongi Akena, did not have to refer to the colonial maps in Britain for this.

Remember when we had the Migingo Island saga, the matter was dealt with by the Geological Survey and Mines, here in Entebbe, without a lot of fuss. All the copies of the colonial maps are there, or at least, they should be. So why the big showing?

For one, the regime merely wanted to give these people a trip to England to make them feel good. This is because they wanted to cover up the real reason which is; to get the Iteso and Jopadhola at each other’s’ throats, while they busy themselves in the more beneficial money pursuits.

As these two tribes are tussling over the minor business of carving a district so that they can get some menial jobs, they do not see the riches of the mineral wealth underneath, what used to be Budama District. There are; iron ore, gold, uranium, oil, sulphur, name it, in quantities that would make all Ugandans rich. So these two tribes are being confused as other people are busy in their mineral exploitation. Do you get this?

Alphose Emojong, Mela




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