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prophetic panorama for 2019 including national and international predictions


prophetic panorama for 2019 including national and international predictions

Apostle Edward Ssewanyana

Apostle Edward Ssewanyana

As I was praying on new year’s eve,  spoke to me clearly and said, “I am going to show you a panorama for 2019.” a panorama is defined by Merriam webster’s dictionary as an unobstructed or complete view of an area in every direction.

All that is written here is part of that prophetic panorama that concerns the Church worldwide plus national and international revelations that  spoke to me about in November and December 2018. If you are wondering how and whether  God speaks, that should not be a surprise because   said that, “…my sheep hear my voice” (john 10:27). As one of ’s sheep I have trained my spirit man to be receptive to hear his voice.

Prophetic word to individual believers

As a child of God, the year 2019 shall be your year to yield exponential expansion. There shall be growth and increase in every direction even of those things that have seemed to be stuck.

This is a year to manifest spiritual strength and power. Even in those areas that were weak, divine strength shall be imparted for it is not by natural might or power but by his spirit that we shall prevail (Zech 4:6).

This is also a year to walk in sanctification from sin. It is your season to allow the Lord to manifest holiness in your spiritual walk to be a living epistle to the world. As you walk in holiness, shall reward you abundantly because he promised not to withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly (ps 84:11).

2019 is also a year of sending out the saving gospel of the sent and those sending ought to be active because there is an urgency to harvest souls in these end times as we expect the soon return of   at the sound of the trumpet. it is your year to shine ’s light like a city built on a hill (mat 5:14).

This is the year of the greater “y.e.s.s.s.” (year of expansion, strength, sanctification & sending). Likewise the great and precious promises from a word shall be yes and amen by in the lives of his children (2 cor 1:20).

Prophetic word to the Church 

There is coming a yearning for the spiritual power that shall be manifested by the church in . This shall be similar to a pilgrimage. But it shall be a pilgrimage of spiritual hunger minus idolatry. the nations shall come yearning to partake of this power just like how 10 men from various nations are described as taking hold of one Jew’s garment because  had been heard to be with him (zec 8:23).

The Church in specifically is headed for a rough ride with the law. Persecution from the highest levels of authority which seemed to have vanished is surprisingly going to return. This shall purge and purify the church and also shake it out of its comfort zone.

There shall be a rise of women in ministry in .  shall place his daughters in places of authority and influence that have long been held by men.

Prophetic word to the Church at large

As the darkness increases in the world, the light in the camp of the children shall grow brighter. Just like it was in the days of Moses when darkness struck the Egyptians but there was light in Goshen in the Israelite’s camp, so shall it be now.

There is a pending attack by the spirit of leviathan against the church. The leviathan spirit is a spirit of pride (job 41:34). Believers ought to wear the cloak of humility to prevent them from falling into the snare of the devil. Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of .

the levels of financial harvest towards those sowing into the gospel shall be so swift that it will appear that the sowing plowman has overtaken the reaper (Amos 9:13). A divine quickening shall manifest in all those who manifest the gift of giving by sending out the gospel. Financial partners in the gospel are rising up out of the valley of dry bones and taking their place in the end time “money ministry” army (Luke 8:2-3).

In the same vein ian entrepreneurs shall rise up. A generation that will be ready to partner with  by exercising kingdom business principles is coming up. The old order is being overturned as the wealth of the wicked flows into the hands of the righteous.

Prophetic word to the nation of

There is an amendment to the constitution that is to come up during the course of this year.  told me to remember what happened 50 years ago in 1969 and that there would be a repeat. In 1969 there was a constitutional amendment by the then president Milton Obote known as the “pigeon hall constitution”.

The amendment that shall take place this year shall work up patriotic fervor to a fever pitch. This shall also involve the B kingdom and will lead to stand off reminiscent of that which President Milton Obote had with the Kabaka (king) of B in 1966. During this same crisis the mayor of Kampala, Erias Lukwago, shall be jailed or imprisoned.

Two out of the three pillars in  shall be knocked out. I am yet to know the specific meaning of these two pillars but time and the benefit of hindsight will tell after the fulfillment of this word.

Major calamities are yet to strike this nation as the level of sin and spiritual rebellion increase. When these calamities strike they shall act as a wakeup call and many shall repent and turn to  .

There is a shaking and sieving coming among the political leadership and especially among the parliamentarians. The arm of flesh shall and carnal confidence shall fail them and they will discover that only the lord can help in that situation. This shaking shall lead many among them to repentance. in a vision i saw a number of them kneeling on the floor and crying out to  .

there is a new mineral set to be discovered in . Many have heard about the discovery of oil in past years but this shall be different. The new mineral or minerals among others shall possibly include tin.

Aircraft technology shall be developed in this nation in 2019. It will include proliferation of airplanes and possibly even their assembling or manufacture.

International prophecies

In the technological world in 2019, a disruptive technology shall be introduced that will shake telecoms to the core. Old methods of communication will strive to catch up with the new in vain.

A major international missile crisis shall occur. Missiles shall be fired at a sensitive target but shall be intercepted.

International media attention shall focus on the hanging of 3 convicted terrorists. The so called “war on terror” shall begin to claim its first victims through the judicial justice system.

A food crisis shall occur in Europe. Nations that were self-sufficient in terms of food resources shall reach the brink of famine to the surprise of many.

The United States of America shall be isolated by many of its major allies. These former allies shall gang up against it in support of a common contentious cause.

The economy of japan shall grow by leaps and bounds. The Japanese currency known as the Japanese yen shall rise to prominence.

all increase its footprint in Africa as it gains territories and influence beyond the former colonial masters of the continent. China shall get a foothold in Africa even to the extent of acquiring sovereign territory.

the rise and unity of the Asian powers is in line with the prophetic declaration in the book of revelation that declares how the kings of the east shall rise to prominence and will be used in powerful battle formations that the lord shall ultimately defeat in the end times (rev 16:12).


1 Corinthians 13:9

(9)  For we know in part, and we prophesy in part

Even the great apostle Paul wrote that he prophesied in part. Thus I leave it to individual spirit filled believers to judge and take or leave the prophecies above. However the bible also tells us not to despise prophesying (1 thes 5:20) and also to war a good warfare in prayer and confession to manifest the things  has spoken (1 tim 1:18). Repentance can also lead to the turning away of negative predictions like how judgment was averted when the people in Nineveh chose to repent at the doomsday preaching of noah (jonah 3:5-10). i pray you have a fruitful and fulfilled 2019.

Apostle Edward Ssewanyana

Chairman edifier ministries,

Founder and general overseer of worldwide apostolic church





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