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‘Truth in what Bobi wine says’

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‘Truth in what Bobi wine says’

These things happening today are not very new in Uganda but now, the way these young boys are doing their things is quite different. About five years ago we were very few people who could talk about the need to transform this country to something that our children and children’s children will look at and admire.
Musicians were just singing and it looked they minded less about the state of the nation. Strong men don’t only deter writers only, from talking, as you thought. Why are crying now?
It makes me happy when the people who were just looking on have now come out and have realized that this country Uganda never entered the twenty-first century. This is not the first time people are saying that there is no medicine in hospital. Things didn’t change. We said, decades ago, that mothers in this country were dying in labor rooms. The roads in Uganda are bad. We have been for a lot of years telling you these things. There is corruption in Uganda.
We are a poor nation and, let me tell you, even those men, who have become now so vocal, so that you can let them in, will never put anything on table for you to use. Terrible things are happening in this country.
Let me put this right: there is freedom in this country. This government deals with those who provoke it. I have learnt. Female musicians were given freedom by this government to show their thighs to the public. We even now pay money and flock to stadiums to watch how beautiful girls, who are half- clothed, dance.
I don’t write to add to my huge fame or to please any body. I am a writer who has for years been researching to find out how countries managed to develop. So don’t tell me musicians are tortured when you are allowed by this government to sip alcohol until morning.
Uganda is not a very dangerous place to stay in. If you are saying it, you are lying. There is corruption here and this is true. This huge corruption will remain even when this government goes away . People want power but they don’t look around to see people who can take them there and deal with them.
I told People Power boys to talk to me. Today what I receive are messages. Some are praising me and others are sent by people who abuse me. I am a focused activist, if that is what you would like to call me. These people who text me don’t show their names. They don’t indicate their areas of residence or even their political parties.
I will not answer your questions. I will not market your intentions here in these pages because, I don’t know you. If you move with no aim you will fail. If you know what you want, you are going to win.
And, stop spending all your time looking for money or fame only. There is tribalism in Uganda. This must change. In Uganda pregnant women die while producing. Thank you Bobi Wine and the artistes you sang with. We were almost becoming tired, of talking. ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ song should be attentively listened to by all people in this country who are working for president Museveni.
We are happy. You have started talking. Please tell the president also that the advisors who told him to tax social media advised him wrongly. Mr. President who then came to where you were to tell you that churches and mosques should be registered during this period very near to 2021? Who was that one? These people next to you are indirectly fighting you. Every one needs the Balokole to vote him in 2021. Pastors should not go back to school.
President Museveni if Bobi Wine grows bold and stands against NRM in 2021, he is likely to win. If the election is fair as I expect it to be, ‘People Power’ will shock this nation in 2021. They will come in. They will also do nothing to change our lives but, change in leadership, a dream now, will have become a reality.
‘Tuliyambala Engule’ song should be analyzed very well. Yellow men go now, to put right the wrongs that were highlighted in that song. The year has just begun. For us we are here. We are going to write. We are as bold as we were when the struggle was still less known.
Listen to the people that are talking, ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ talked. Now, do something. This song is going to make the NRM lose elections in 2021. Who doubts this possibility? Look for the meaning of these words ‘People Power’.
Sekka Bagenda is a writer
An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist
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