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Elections of women councils and committees is not the preserve of the rulling NRM party


Elections of women councils and committees is not the preserve of the rulling NRM party

The national Women’s council is dominated by MRM

The Electoral Commission recently approved the programme for the election of women councils and committee’s elections from the village at the National Level. This follows the expiry of the four – year term of these councils and committees. They were last held during the period June – August 2018 and the Executive Committee of the National Women’s Council constituted on 23rd August 2018.

What does this mean for the various stakeholders? Particularly political parties should grasp this opportunity to assert their presence right from the grassroots to national level. You need not to continue gifting the ruling party to swallow up almost every position because this country belongs to everybody- the ruling party and opposition alike.

One significant advantage of these elections is the fact that they don’t entail any nomination fees.

You only need to pick interest plus a few other credentials.

Ugandans across the country should appreciate the fact that politics dominantly determines the destiny of this country.

The laws and policies that shape and guide the direction of everything are made by politicians. Your participation at whatever level therefore, is pertinent. You should never shy away from participating in the political, social and economic affairs of your country as this helps us to get the leaders of quality that we want.

Some eligible Ugandans only wait to apportion blame whenever things are messed up. Condemning leaders can never help to save the situation when we are reluctant to get involved in matters of national importance. The country is in dire need of leaders of moral and ethical values, innovation, honesty, who are hardworking, selfless and also capable of mobilizing others for development. Morally upright leaders will never embrace swindling of public resources and corruption; neither do they encourage nepotism or tribalism.

Leaders of substance can be a formidable pillar for national unity and peaceful co-existence and can potentially mitigate crime and conflict in the society.

As has been the practice before, the process will kick off with the compilation of village women’s register on 10th – 13th June 2022, at parish / ward level 8th -9th July 2022, city division / sub –county / town council / municipal division level on 23rd July 2022, District / city level on 3rd –Aug 2022. Then the National Conference for election of the National Women Committee ( Display of register) will follow suit on 22nd -23rd August 2022, and then other subsequent processes such as display of the registers, nomination of candidates, candidates’ campaigns and polling day will follow. For those that intend to participate either as aspiring candidates or as voters and civic educators are advised to obtain further information from the EC Headquarters at Plot 55 Jinja road in Kampala or from the EC regional and district offices spread across the country.



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