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How do you define a man?

Isa Senkumba

How do you define a man?

Real men like Bebe Cool always protect their women

Real men like Bebe Cool always protect their women

Inside the Beehive

The basic distinction between men and women is that men will go out and get what they want while women go onto their knees and pray for what they want. This alone makes men more aggressive than women, an instinct that gives them the best definition.

In tales we are advised that if you want something go out and get it. In other wards we are being reminded to be hunters of our fortune. That’s why men feel a little bit humbled and defeated if fortune instead hunts them. Since when did the hunter become the hunted?

The triumph of man is the source of happiness for him. The love to get things the hard way will propel man to face challenges and build capacity until they out grow such challenges. It is not characteristics for men to get things freely on a silver platter. In fact man is likely not to enjoy success that easily comes without losing sweat or struggling for it.

It is not by accident that men have ego and will readily exhibit patronage. This is something they have always been fighting for.

Someone once asked me why women don’t propose. Why should it be men always? Lets imagine a woman proposing to a man. Chances are high that a man is likely to be shocked and scared. Culture and society have made this a man’s thing. And we have been made to believe that.

People are likely to misinterpret a woman’s proposal; saying that she is desperate. Most men don’t want to see desperacy in women.

They hate the soft landing. They also hate any one who sympathizes with them. This pride explains why a man is not likely to accept a woman’s proposal.

In fact the easiest way to have a man triple his efforts in whatever he is doing is to threaten him with the possibility of being rated weak, > incompetent and a loser.

No single male species will ever feel comfortable in the event of being ridiculed and mocked to the point of labeling him unable or weak.

Society and culture are solely responsible for this. Since child hood we have been told (we the boys) that men don’t cry.

Even at the peak of a dismal situation we had to keep our heads up and eyes open like warriors, we were taught not to fight women because that would reduce us to a level of cowards. Women were a vulnerable group that had to be protected instead.

Men are built to provide, protect and praise women. Men are meant to be the shells in which woman will hide for safety.

For the men who think that instead women should provide and protect them we doubt your real sex.



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