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Tattoos on breasts, thighs and every where…………..

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Tattoos on breasts, thighs and every where…………..

A lady spots a flower tatoo on her shoulder

A lady spots a flower tatoo on her shoulder

My girlfriend has tattoos on her thighs, bums and other parts of her body. When she gets her clothes off she looks like a member of the WU TANG clan or a Japanese Yakuza. In fact at one time I though that she was Lil Wayne’s sister.

Something tells me that it is not proper for a woman to have tattoos. It looks awkward and I’m not comfortable with it’. These words typically come from some one who either doesn’t know tattoos or doesn’t know why people wear them.

The best phrase to explain why people want tattoos is “the anthropology of self-esteem and identity.” So think of tattoos as a method people use to try to feel significant in the world. Tattoos say everything you need to know about the society that births them.

People get a tattoo for different reasons. Some people get them for the art or as a memorial. Some get them as a way to express their personality and passions. And some get them just because they look pretty.

Truth be told, the tattoos are not for everybody. Tattoos are not for the shallow people who cannot see beyond skin deep. They are not for the realists who cope with the sudden departure of a pet by watching the news.

They are not for the free-spirit that has multiple quotes she lives by and is proud to show off her bitter sweet love quotes.

Biblical teaching on tattoos has it in Lev. 19:28, that ‘you shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead, nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the Lord.’ I am very sure God is not threatening; he is very serious and he doesn’t want you guys to make any tattoo mark on your body.

If you choose to do it you are only trying to provoke God I doubt if you can ever make it safely. But modern Christians want to enjoy freedom in Christ. They feel that they should not be barred from enjoying the freedom Christ brought. To them tattoos are okay.

Today we see hordes of young people drawing on themselves with free abandon. These people do not understand that a tattoo may effectively prohibit them from pursuing some professional careers, regardless of their other qualifications.

There are professional careers where tattoos are not allowed. You have to choose between taking the career and wearing our tattoo.

The craze with young people prompts them even to misuse tattoos. A tattoo on the tongue and one on the dick are actually misused tattoos.

There are many people who wear tattoos in many other awkward parts of their bodies. This is very common with celebrities. Next time we shall look at celebrities with tattoos in awkward places.



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