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‘The sorrows of the poor’

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‘The sorrows of the poor’


Poverty, and body, but also brings so many other things to make the victim cry day and night. If you are poor and hopeless, you cannot stand away from worry.

Poverty blocks most of people’s minds and they commence to think of getting food ‘for today’ only. The poor, you must believe, are the saddest people on earth. The poor are the most undermined people in this world.

The poor commit offences and are tracked and caught and incarcerated for years and almost no one follows up. Poverty stricken men and women produce children and wish all good to happen to the children but because they lack, they fail to render all the desires they thought their children must have. The sorrows of the poor!

If you are so observant, remember or continue looking, and observe how the poor count or hold their money. The way they count it or hold it is not as attractive as the rich do it. The poor man and his trousers are easily seen. Give him an expensive suit, wanting to make him look good.

The suit will just lie on his hard bones and a walking stick he will become. The rich sweat water but the poverty stricken man, fresh from bathing, sweats soil. Soil, mixed with water, his collar consumes.

This country will never be called independent, by those who know, until it ceases to be a beggar. We have begged since 1962, the year we were declared independent, and now the white man says, he will rule us forever.

Almost 70% of the poor habits that a living person adopts are acquired due to poverty occupying that person. The poorer a man or woman becomes, the angrier he or she becomes.

And contrary to what the uninformed world believes, the large scale superstition and widespread witchcraft are here because of the deep poverty around here. Even a close relative will become envious and he will allow his heart to be taken over by jealous, to be used against you, if he discovers that you are determined to escape from the heavily guarded and watched basket where the poor are piled and guarded, to be tortured in absence of people.

All the people you see around are looking for opportunities, and luck, and if they are doing, a few of them will accept it or allow you to go away from them to go find pearls or gold or other treasures before they do.

People who celebrate with us are only those with thoughts that if we succeed, they might also hold onto us, to make progress. Be careful whenever you stand up to talk among people. Be careful!

Those you tell how intelligent or capable you are are the very people who will do everything, in their powers, to pull you down. Very few people want you to go ahead to leave them behind. You are a threat to all people except those that are already there and those who think they will benefit if you make it.

Every second that a poor person spends in poverty carries him into sorrow which then makes him or her do more terrible things which gather more sorrow, to fix it into his mind, to make him more sorrowful and miserable.

The law enforcers are always hunting for the poor, to put them in courts full of corrupt judges who make sure the rich go away free while the poor are thrown into jail to spend years digging and filling their heads with more worry.

The mistreated and unsatisfied, slightly well off or well off, men and women can get tired and do what the Arabs did against their leaders and can succeed. But what can happen to the very poor who attempt to do what the tired Arabs did against the Mubaraks or the Morsis?

Let’s see: The Burundians thought they would be heard by the greedy Nkurunziza if they engaged in running battles with the armed forces, to protest against his decision to run for the third term. Because Burundi is full of poverty, demonstrators finally went back to work having starved for days.

The more days the poor spend in the streets running up and down, rioting, the more nights they go to bed hungry. All dictators like Nkurunziza make sure that to make a person obedient and desperate; you must make them very poor. Fight and overcome! My friend, fight and overcome. Poverty is AIDS.

Like cough, poverty cannot be hidden. The poor talks and nobody listens. In courts, which I usually attend, those who lose cases are mostly poor men and women.

Poverty can hit and bend a young man of 20 years and he looks as if he is fifty years old. You cannot, and you will never, get what you want until you stop thinking like the poor.

Blessed are those who are not yet there but are in possession of a positive mental attitude the first, and the most important, of all riches, for they are free from the sorrows of the poor and therefore will one day get themselves the other riches they are seeking, creating for themselves enough space ,on earth, that the Kitandwes have.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist.

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