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Mr President, stop dishing out money!

Ramathan Ggoobi

Mr President, stop dishing out money!

You need to ask yourself: What constrains Ugandans and make them unable to make money instead of waiting to beg me? That’s where you should spend the money!

Nearly on a daily basis now, in most cases, unspecified amount of money. 

This is not the first time we have seen presidents in Africa making cash donations. It is also not the first time to see you, Mr President, donating cash. Since 1986, you have built your political success in part on the idea that you are a generous leader who always held the plight of the poor at your heart, and a moderate politician who never sought the politics of harm and violence common among African ruling presidents.  



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Ramathan Ggoobi is Policy Analyst, and Researcher. He lecturers economics at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and has co-authored several studies on Uganda's economy. For the past ten years, he has published a weekly column 'Are You Listening Mr. President' in The Sunrise Newspaper, Uganda's Leading Weekly

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