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Lubaga Mayor contender Hajj Simwogerere’s advice to political aspirants

Guest Writer

Lubaga Mayor contender Hajj Simwogerere’s advice to political aspirants

Hajj Ashraf Simwogerer

Asalaam Alaikum Warahmatulahi Aabarakaatuh.

When I announced my candidature for Lubaga mayorship, little did I know that I’m annoying some people. Although again many of you wished me well in my endeavours. Some went abusive.

There is this guy who described me as a goon. I was even forced to look up the real meaning of the word “goon” in Oxford dictionary.

That a “goon” is somebody who is crazy or a hired criminal. Both descriptions never described my character. So I decided to approach the guy through his inbox with humility. I said to him: “glad to meet you here Mr He.. I pray that you receive my message with dignity.

When I announced my candidature for Lubaga mayorship you went mad at me describing me as a goon. I request that we have a constructive engagement and clear the difference. The Baganda say ‘guva mungabo‘. Otherwise thanks for being open. God bless you”. I was happy that he answered me back with similar humility that;

“I thank you for taking your time to send me this message of tolerance. I appreciate and clearly want to assure you that i have no problem with you whatsoever, but sometimes politicians misbehave and sometimes its sentimental but i was harsh in my submissions, I’m sorry. I respect you and wish you well”.

He later crossed out the word goon to calm down his submission. I sent him a friend request which he immediately accepted. I thank him for that.

Being my first time to join active politics, I wondered how Museveni, Besigye, and Kyagulanyi, go about with the daily abuses against them. Because they Can’t go on to solve their differences with the mass of people against their actions like me. This is when I remembered General Idi Amin Dada.

One day he was driving his Volkswagen (Kikere), from Kampala to Bombo. Around Migadde, he met this old lady called Nalunga carrying a small luggage. She was walking to Neegulumye a village next to our home village Kabonge and Bombo town. Amin stopped and gave this old lady a lift. It is quite a distance. Amin was driving with his escort. At some point president Amin asked Nalunga that;

Amin: MAAMA EBINTU OBIRABA OTYA MU GWANGA LYAFE? (What’s your say about the state of affairs in our country?)
(Hoooo the old woman went mad and went abusive).

Nalunga:Nze nkugambye mwana wange katonda yatukuba omugo omunene okutuletera Amin. Ekisajja nekibuza buli kimu. Sukaali yafuuka kasukaali, nomunyo negubula?. Mukama yeka yalina otutaasa. Ye ssinga eyakyikuba bomu yakuba kumutwe nekifa omuntu yandiwonye ekisiraani kya

(Literally translated as; (God punished us by bringing us Amin. Everything is in scare, basic things like sugar, are in short supply. I wish he had died in the bomb attack!)

Amin kept cool as Nalunga expressed her anger. He went on driving and dropped Nalunga exactly at her home, before driving off.

Its the neighbours who asked wondering where she has been with President Amin. Nalunga almost fainted, she didn’t know Amin, she cried and wanted to leave the village for fear of being killed. She told the whole story.

Neighbours and relatives advised her to disappear from the village. But made up her mind to stay and wait for her executioners.

That very evening a Peugeot 404, entered her yard. The people who had come to convince her to run away disappeared in thin air.

Amin’s bodyguard and the driver of the Peugeot, emptied the car of merchandise including sacks of sugar, salt, parafin, bread, wheat, 2 gomasis, etc. The body guard gave Nalunga UGX500/=. This was a lot of money. An iron sheet cost 50 cents then.

They told her that: “OBUBAKA BUVUDDE WA PRESIDENT ERA AKUTUMIDDE”. (This message is from the President and he sent you greetings.)

When I thought about Museveni, Besigye, Kyagulanyi, and that Amin’s story, I concluded that politics is not only a dirty game but also a game of tolerance.

Meanwhile I continue to confirm and assure the people of Lubaga that I’m coming to contest for Mayor/LClll chair of Lubaga division.

May God bless you all.



Dr. Ashraf Simwogerere, is an acclaimed playwright, film producer, performing artist and professional dentist. In 2016 he was recognized as one of Uganda's National Heroes. Dr. Semwogerere is one of the most recognised faces of Uganda's Theatre having scripted and produced plays such as `Suubi` and `Mukajanga`.

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