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Congratulations Mr. President on your NAM chairmanship

Guest Writer

Congratulations Mr. President on your NAM chairmanship

President Yoweri Museveni attained greater recognition and hence that of Uganda when he hosted world leaders at the NAM Summit

On behalf of the National Consultative Forum for political parties and organisations (NCF), I convey sincere congratulations to the President of the Republic of Uganda, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on your election as the current chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement –NAM and the G-77 summit.

Mr. Museveni’s tenure runs from January 2024-2026 after Uganda successfully hosted the Global South Association of 120 countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the G-77 summit in Kampala, a fortnight ago.

The president took over the mantle from the Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev to lead the second biggest group of countries, after the United Nations. This is a milestone achievement not only for the President but also the entire Population of Uganda, East Africa and Africa at large. Leading a bloc of over 120 countries, with such social, economic and political diversity is a unique blessing.

The Non-Aligned Movement, founded in 1961 at the height of the cold war between the predominantly Capitalist West and largely Communist East, has a membership of 120 countries, 53 from Africa, 39 from Asia, 26 from Latin America and the Caribbean, and two from Europe.

Mr. Chairman, despite being such a magnificent organization, very few Ugandans and Africans understand what the NAM exactly stands for, let alone its benefits.

This should be the right time for them to access the right information about it.

The NCF prays that your nearly three years of leadership will be unique in the way of addressing pressing global challenges like abject poverty, economic inequalities, gender imbalances, unemployment , environmental issues , hunger, diseases as well as political instability and insecurity that currently affect some countries on our continent and the world at large.

Let us harness the trade and economic opportunities involved in areas like foreign direct investment, tourism, ICT etc.

We further pray that you make the necessary and useful collaborations to ensure that the wars in Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine, Palestine and elsewhere end politically other than militarily.

The unnecessary loss of lives and suffering of the people in such countries should come to an end as soon as possible.

NCF earnestly believes in principles such as dialogue, reconciliation, forgiveness, unity and peaceful co-existence, among others.
We therefore congratulate you and wish you meaningful success.

Ssentongo Muzafalu Zabaana
Member, National Consultative Forum for Political Parties –NCF
Chairperson, Legal and Electoral Affairs Committee of NCF
Secretary General, Green Partisan Party



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