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Skimpy outfits were not meant for pregnant women


Skimpy outfits were not meant for pregnant women

I was on my way home inside a taxi when I noticed a heavily pregnant woman across the road.

What was so special about this pregnant woman? She was wearing the skimpiest of outfits I had ever seen on a pregnant woman.

She wore a tank top barely covering her big stomach with a tight pant that are the latest of fashion these days but to top it all she was in the highest of heels that I couldn’t recommend one to wear on these ragged  roads of Uganda.

Now, the first thing you must think of is the comfort of your baby. Skimpy outfits were not meant to adorn a pregnant body and yet still they are health wise hazardous to your baby. There are so many outfits that can beautify a pregnant woman and make her look presentable in society.

Therefore, a little wait till you give birth will not kill you otherwise skimpy outfits will only antagonize the public towards you.

Namujju Doreen,



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