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It’s his money, you can as well struggle for yours


It’s his money, you can as well struggle for yours

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather

I don’t understand why when someone works hard for his money, specifically in Africa.

His words were, “[People] say ‘well, he got all this money, why is he not giving to Africa?'” “Well, what has Africa given to us? What has Africa came and gave to my children and to my family? Things work two ways.”

“I never got involved in the sport of boxing to say ‘I’m going to fight and make hundreds of millions of dollars and just give it all away.’ If I’m gonna mess money off in a bad way, I’m going to spend it on myself. I’m going to do what I want to do with my money. You hear people talking about, ‘well, he should…donate to this or donate to that.’ No, I should donate to Floyd Mayweather, donate to Floyd Mayweather’s family. Because that’s what it’s about.”

Which I totally agree to. Giving is all about receiving. If I have a wife and kids plus relatives, I have worked hard for my money, why then should I give it out to people I don’t even know when am not going to receive anything in return? And yet I have my family to look out for. That would be stupid, wouldn’t it?

So let us not judge the man when we too do the same thing. We all think of ourselves first before we think of others. I actually applaud Mayweather for revealing his real feelings and not acting the hypocrite. For another person would have said oh, you want me to donate to Africa – 100 million to Africa. And yet deep down, he is cursing Africa for being so poor that he has to lose his hard earned money for it.

Therefore, whether you call Mayweather greedy, selfish and self centered, well that’s his money and he has worked hard for it. You can as well struggle for your own or better yet join boxing and if you wish to give it to charity – the choice is always yours. So live the guy alone to enjoy his money the way he sees fit.

Juliana Lukenge , Nansana Kampala



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