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Should we stop falling in love?


Should we stop falling in love?

Should We Stop Falling In Love?

Should We Stop Falling In Love?

I was watching this movie called ‘For Colored Girls’ which has the likes of Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Whoopy Goldberg, Kerry Washington among others last weekend when one of the girls mentioned an interesting statement. She said, “HIV/AIDS is for women who fall in love.”

When I heard that statement, it took me aback. You see I had never thought about that but when I gave it more thought, I realized it was true.

There is a reason why they say, ‘Love is blind.’ If you have never experienced love, this is one saying that is hard to believe. Unlike men, women get attached to people they are attracted to very easily and it is easy for them to fall in love without the slightest provocation.

The essence of this movie was that whenever you fall in love, you become a slave to that person you are in love with. You become vulnerable, submissive, always compromising and saying sorry when you are not the one in the wrong.

Whenever your partner throws trash at you, you are prone to pick it up simply because you don’t want to lose them. And once they get to know you are a doormat to be stepped on, they will do whatever they want with you. Even when they cheat, you will quickly put the blame on yourself with thoughts of how it may be your fault that your partner cheats.

And as she/he goes about their merry way having a fling with this one  and that one, in the end one picks up a bug. And guess who they spreads it to – you, miss/mr naivety. You who believed that one day, your partner will change, come back to their senses and sees you like they used to.

With all the measures that have been put in place to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, how can the government save this parner; the one who blindly falls in love and gets married. What has the government done to protect this person? Because when we talk about fidelity among married couples, this is one big failure. Should we urge them to use condoms or abstain when they suspect their parners’ infidelity when it is God given right for partners to have sex ? What can be done?

It’s already evident that HIV/AIDS prevalence is high in married couples. What I want to know is how the government is planning to help these spouses who may be trapped in their marriages or should they simply give up falling in love and getting married?





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