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Some men deserve to be duped


Some men deserve to be duped

Some men deserve to be duped

Some men deserve to be duped

I now understand why Bebe Cool sang ‘Teka ssente wolaba’ literally meaning invest your money where its worth. If it is foolish to invest your money in something that is not worthy then what would we call a man who invests his money in something that he hasn’t proved exists?

Recently I was watching a young man on a local television who had arrested his girlfriend for tricking him into believing she was pregnant for  9 months which pregnancy never existed in the first place.

He claimed that for 9 months he had been taking care of this woman and her pregnancy, providing her with all her needs until the day of delivery where she failed to show him the baby.

What I found hilarious about this case was that it was not the first but second time this woman had duped this young man of being  pregnant. This made me wonder; are some men that stupid to be duped not only once but twice.

I would have sympathized with this man if he had been abroad and could only trust the word of  his girlfriend but this was a woman he saw on a daily basis but he still failed to notice that she was faking a pregnancy.

This incidence clearly shows how men take things for granted; how neglective they are of their women. If this man had bothered to individually be there for his girlfriend, he would have found out her lies a long time ago.

To all you foolish men out there, the next time your woman claims to be pregnant, involve yourself in her situation, be gentle enough to escort her to the hospital, attend antenatal care with her, may be then you will be saved from being duped.




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