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Are the gods evolving?


Are the gods evolving?

Are the gods evolving

Are the gods evolving

I am really grateful that the police did its investigation very well and made a conclusion that puzzled me. Well, if the police’s report that was released indicates that the 21 women who have been so far grisly killed are connected to ritual murders, who am I to refute this?

It’s true that ritual murders are classified with missing body parts and the shed of blood but what perturbs me the most is the uncanny change of the former ritual murders who we were always told wanted clean blood of children to all of a sudden change to demand blood that is un-clean from old women .

Some years ago, it used to be the little children who were grabbed and killed in a gruesome manner all in the name of appeasing the gods.

It was claimed then that the Children’s blood is clean and pure without the taint of evil and we had come to believe this version of the stories.

But now, what happened? Why the sudden change from the pure blood to the impure blood.

Because if you ask me, all the women who have been killed were old enough to be impure and their  blood being impure is something that can’t appease the gods, and so these are not worth  sacrificing.

Are the gods evolving or is there something else that we have not been told?







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