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Award to the biggest bully goes out to…Swangz Avenue


Award to the biggest bully goes out to…Swangz Avenue

Award to the biggest bully goes out to…Swangz Avenue

Award to the biggest bully goes out to…Swangz Avenue

I always thought to be waylaid by a bully, one had to be in a school setting. I was wrong. I find it disheartening to discover that bullies are everywhere; at a workplace, in homes and now even in the music industry.

After B2C declaring a date for their concert, a few days after, Swangz Avenue one of the biggest record labels in Uganda comes out with the same date on when they will commemorate their 10 years in the music industry with a mega concert featuring some of Uganda’s leading musicians and those they have worked with.

If this isn’t bullying, what else can I call it. There are 356 days and 12 months in a year. Why would this record label have to choose the same date with our newest kids on the block if not to sabotage their efforts? I believe Swangz would have picked any other day or month rather than try to exhibit their gorilla muscles at our kids.

And what about we the fans? What do you take us for? You think we are diehards for one specific record label. Oh no! We do love variety and we unlike you would like to see our music industry grow to the highest level by supporting all Ugandan musicians.

So, with your bully tendencies, you are not only affecting the music industry but also creating drifts in our loyalty to our artists. We don’t want to choose between musicians. We simply want to enjoy all of Ugandan music without any preference.

So, shame upon you, Swangz Avenue. And what’s most disappointing is you guys spreading rumors and lies on social media and National TV (Spark TV) of how B2C had cancelled their concert in respect for Tarrus Riley, a guest artiste, you scooped up for your mega concert.

But anyway, I am so glad that B2C are soldiers and ready to take on your challenge. If it was any other musician, I believe they would have cowered upon your glorious display of immaturity.  I can’t wait for the battle to begin.



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