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Ministry of health

Do these ministers live on planet earth?


Do these ministers live on planet earth?

Health minister Jane Ruth Aceng

Health minister Jane Ruth Aceng

I don’t know why whenever I try to learn from our ministers, I end up learning nothing apart from being disappointed.

Recently, two President Museveni’s ministers, Ruth Aceng, Ministry of Health and State Minister of Works, Gen. Katumba Wamala, who are supposed to represent views of cabinet final decisions came out and spoke some of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard.

Gen. Katumba Wamala in his bid to secure the Kampala Entebbe Express highway issued a directive that the newly constructed highway will not be used by Boda Boda cyclists (motorcyclists) and yet other motorists have to pay levied amounts on road tolls.

He went ahead to explain that this money will be used to pay back debts that were incurred during the construction which is a good thing but what put me off was his segregative mindset which reminded me of the apartheid regime in South Africa where the white colonists segregated the blacks establishing their own streets, roads, schools, churches etc because of their social status.

Gen. Katumba Wamala should be cogitative of the fact that the money that constructed that road was borrowed money and will be paid by all Ugandans regardless of their social status. Is he even aware that in Uganda, every citizen pays taxes directly and indirectly?

If using that newly constructed road is will be paid for, let it be for those with financial abilities including boda boda cyclists. He also should not forget that there will be residents surrounding that road who will find it inevitable to use that road.  And besides, I believe Boda bodas are the most commonly used and appreciated mode of transport.

In another incident,, it looks like we have a new blockbuster scientist in our minister of health, Ruth Aceng. She seems to be on another planet when it comes to explaining scientific issues and understanding problems affecting ordinary Ugandans.

Recently, she told people who werecomplaining about mosquitoes inside Mulago referral hospital not to fear because the mosquitoes that were biting them are not the female anopheles mosquitoes, that cause Malaria but the male mosquitoes which are inocent. I wonder how this lady can tell these mosquitoes apart and how Ugandans will recognise this fact.

Felix Kyeyune, Konge, Makindye



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