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Deploying troops in late Kirumira’s home hollow


Deploying troops in late Kirumira’s home hollow

Police officer Muhammad Kirumira is one of those who have been promoted

I was amazed to read a story in one of the daily tabloid papers that the UPDF had deployed in the home of the late Muhammad Kirumira.

Was this an act of foolishness or being cynical? When the man was alive, neither the army, nor the Police, saw it fit to send soldiers to guard the family, but after the man is gunned down, they now see it  as fit to deploy.

What and why is that? Does that not send the wrong message that the Government is merely now guarding shadows, instead of having guarded a person? Who ordered such an insensitive and stupid act?

Equally, the Police gave an additional five million shillings after the assassination. This is in extreme bad taste. How does the Government think people will consider them for doing such acts which will make people believe that they are merely laughing at the family?

Enock Muwonge, Entebbe



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