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Tackle the Mafia to get rid of corruption


Tackle the Mafia to get rid of corruption

Tackle the Mafia to get rid of corruption

Tackle the Mafia to get rid of corruption

The just-murdered Muhammad Kirumira was an outspoken whistle-blower. The Government has been telling people to report acts of theft of public funds; it even created a department in the Office of the Inspectorate of Government (IG) for this. All these efforts seem to have come to naught.

With Kirumira’s murder, it will even become bleaker. Who is going to report the thieves, when it is some of them who are in positions of authority; and are in possession of guns?

When you look at the people who have been killed, in the manner Felix Kaweesi and Kurumira have been murdered, it is obvious that it is an organized pattern. Indeed, Kirumira, before he was gunned down talked of; Mafia.

He was not the first to say this. If I remember correctly, Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu was the first to identify the presence of the Mafia in the affairs of the State. Then, it was former vice president, Gilbert Bukenya.

These were high-profile figures in the NRM Government, yet nothing has been done about it. Does this not make you wonder and become suspicious about it all?

Yahya Kaka, Arua



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