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Can’t Govt. think of other things than Bobi Wine?


Can’t Govt. think of other things than Bobi Wine?

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu

These days, wherever you turn, there is the specter of Bobi Wine. At least that is the impression the NRM Government is creating in the minds of the people of Uganda, and even abroad.

From holding him in his house to harassing him in his beach resort and preventing his rallies in public, they have even now gone into the airwaves. They have announced that the radio stations should not play his music and should not host him whatsoever. What a daft thing to think. What about the innumerable video houses, mobile phones and other recorded tracks elsewhere? How is the government going to control those?

Instead of working to improve the livelihood of the citizens, the government is pouring resources to the Police to follow one young man. And even when you see them trying to advance some programmes, they are primarily aimed at preventing Bobi Wine ascendancy in politics.

What the NRM should realize is that, as they are doing this, they are derailing themselves from the leadership of this country, and making space for people like Bobi Wine, the very people who they want to prevent from coming to power.

Samantha Nalidekki, Bwaise




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