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Uganda must not get as low as Botswana on the LGBTs


Uganda must not get as low as Botswana on the LGBTs

LGBT's celebrate

LGBT’s celebrate

The other week, the High Court in Botswana ruled that the homosexuals had a human right to practice their depravity. This is despite Pope Francis declaring that sodomy goes counter to the spiritual dictates of the sanctity of the family.

In Gaborone, the lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and trans-genders (LGBTs) celebrated that, now they have a right to raise a family, just like all the other people can adopt children.

This is a total negation of how God created human beings. It is obvious what the sexes are expected to perform in their God-given responsibilities. To go counter to this is a total aberration of nature.

There cannot be any sexual orientation other than female-male relationship. Even if you do not believe in the Bible when God destroyed Sodom, Gomorrah and three other cities, the sexual practice of the LGBTs alone shows you how disgusting it is. This cannot be an orientation.

Such issues came to Uganda a few years ago. Here, the aspect of it was that the depraved people of the Western world were offering Ugandans huge sums of dollars to be disgustful. Even noted politicians run to this, attracted by the lure of the lucre.

Our Constitution and legal system must not get down to this low level of indecency in which humanity behaves worse than animals and birds. No amount of money should lead a person to be more stupid as lower than a dog!




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