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Phone daylight robberies are becoming the norm


Phone daylight robberies are becoming the norm

A Phone Thief being taken by police

We were in the front seat of a matatu; and the driver was talking on his cell-phone. We had stopped for a moment. Suddenly, a passerby snatched the phone from the hand of the driver; walked in front of the matatu and calmly went the other side and disappeared into the nearby place. Our reaction to salvage the phone was not quick enough; and the robber vanished.

Earlier I had heard a certain girl tell another how her phone was snatched as she was putting it into her handbag. These stories are becoming all too common. The level of robbery and brigandage is the new norm in Kampala city these days.

There is talk now that the Police is getting up to do something about it. What if the robbers are connected to the Police? These kind of connections are ever too common to ignore. It means we are far from getting a solution to this problem.

Ephraim Byamugisha





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