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The Corona Virus is being given a racial slur


The Corona Virus is being given a racial slur

A woman in china covering her face

People, especially those of Chinese extraction, are reporting that they are being segregated upon; that the Corona virus is now referred to as a Chinese disease. It means that, instead of it being called simply a disease, it is now having an attachment to that of being uniquely Chinese.

Interestingly, in an attempt to deflect this reference, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, recently alluded to the disease as being that which has been imported to China by wild animal traffickers. This reference is obviously meant for the traffickers of animals and their parts from Africa. In other words, the disease comes from Africa as the animals are from its wildlife.

This is not correct and proper. It is generally known that the disease originated from the fish markets in Hubei Province, where the capital Wuhan is. So, the disease is most likely one which Chinese fishermen and fish sellers have got from the fish in the Pacific Ocean and the Yellow Sea. This cannot be from Africa.

The World Health Organization should concentrate on getting governments to stop its spread; and especially sponsor the funding of respirators instead of face masks. The latter have been suspected as being not very effective as to stopping the coughing and sneezing.

Justus Mubangizi




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