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Value-added Mulondo comes on market


Value-added Mulondo comes on market

BAZUKA 9 FOR SEX POWER: Julius Nyanzi with a bottle of the enhanced Mulondo

Julius Nyanzi with a bottle of the enhanced Mulondo

Mondia, locally known as Mulondo, occupies a special place among Ugandan men who seek to improve their sexual performance. Until now, however, it had remained an underground product and consumed by down-town guys who didn’t bother chewing the tough raw roots in public’s view.

Now however, realising its health benefits that go beyond improving sexual performance, one researcher has added value to your ordinary roots with the belief that the new product will become more acceptable to a wider section of society.

24-year old Nyanzi Julius, known for developing several other health products such as fresheners, rinsers and spiced teas through distillation, has developed Bazuka 9, a liquid extract from Mulondo.

Nyanzi explains that Mulondo has a very high concentration of the essential mineral Zinc that is necessary in building of muscles in human beings.

“Men are endeared towards Mulondo because it truly enhances sexual performance. If muscles are flaccid or weak, its is usually due to lack of sufficient levels of zinc in one’s body,”Nyanzi adds, “But until now many people found chewing those tough roots cumbersome and backward. That is why I developed Bazuka 9.”

There’s probably a number of Mulondo concoctions available on Market especially among herbalists. But Nyanzi says Bazuka 9 is a better product which he developed through distillation thereby avoiding impurities.

He notes further that beyond its association with men’s sexual performance, zinc is essential for women as well because it strengthens a woman’s uterine wall thus enabling pregnancies to mature to term.

“There is a gender bias about Mulondo as a men’s only product. But I know that zinc is important for strengthening the uterine wall of a mother which is essential in ensuring healthy pregnancies and child-bearing.”

He adds: “When the uterus muscles are weak, a woman fails to deliver normally or fails to carry the pregnancy to term. Our grand mothers experienced fewer difficulties during pregnancies because they ate a lot of root crops that contain a long of zinc.”

Nyanzi says that beyond profit motive, he was inspired to develop to contribute towards salvaging the high level of marriages that are collapsing because of men’s weak sexual performances.

Bazuka 9, according to Nyanzi is available in 100ml bottles and is sold at Shop No. 150 at Equatorial Shopping mall in Kampala at Ushs 5000. Nyanzi also sells the product every at the Prunes farmers market along Wampewo avenue every Saturday.

Unlike a similar product, the Mulondo liquor, that was developed by researchers at Makerere University, Bazuka 9, is non-alcoholic and thus would be ideal for Muslims and other individuals who do not take alcohol.



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