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‘You are not alone’

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‘You are not alone’

In trying to win, who desires to win, around and then hit him in the head with rough fists and words.

If you are part of this world and struggling to win, you might have ever stood somewhere and asked yourself why people almost every day go away from you yet you even go the extra mile to love and have, on so many occasions, done so many good things for humanity.

I have studied this world for so many years and therefore think I earned the right to inform you that the fact must remain that you will win but be alert because, so many things will come along to try, so hard, to block your way to victory.

It is not only the lack of capital that can stop you from forming a booming business. In my life I meet and have talked to so many people. In their voices, I always feel a lot of sorrow and see bleeding wounds in their hearts.

Tycoons, in this world, have money but some have failed to discover the sources of peace and happiness. They are probably alone because they lack the information that you every week consume. They think they were left alone.

If you are among those, who the world deserted, here are the answers to the questions you are currently asking yourself. What you go through today is not so new. The richest man in the world was forgotten before he arrived.

To discover all the outstanding secrets I today tirelessly reveal to the world, standing before big audiences, or through putting them on paper, the world first dumped and ignored me for an unbelievably long period of time that I one day sat under a tree shade and asked myself if really my days of triumph would someday arive and I find my desires.

In hard times I spoke and wrote more than I perhaps today do but never received applause or attention like I receive today. I understand when you say you feel it, in your heart, that all the people dumped you on a rubbish pit with rotten objects.

I used, In those days, to have a phone, with so many contacts, with those of my former school mates included, but in a month, I perhaps would receive one or no calls at all. But as I wandered across the rough fields and sailed on rough waters, so many people were silently watching and observing and watching my actions.

These are the ones who occasionally came out and told me that someday people, both the poor and the rich, will need what I say or write. Such compliments would keep me moving for days and sometimes months.

Someone loves you despite what you go through. Good hearted people are currently watching you, on the side lines of the rough road. These people will go ahead to hold your right hand to take you along, guiding you and telling you words that you earlier thought you would never hear in your life.

You are not alone, we are here with you. It is the reason you got access to such words, like these, to comfort you and to assure you that really what you today go through is not new. We love you. You are important.

All people who finally won themselves a place in the front of this world faced heavy problems and passed through so many heart-breaking struggles before getting into the fertile fields that they were promised. If the thing you are doing is right, go ahead and do it, and concentrate on that only.

People will one day come out with their sweet words to encourage you and their money to give you so as to enable you to make recognizable progress. Sit down, before crying, and ask yourself why people should praise you at this time. Is it the right time?

It might not be the time for you to celebrate. More friends will come. Keep looking into the atmosphere. You will see the stars.

Almost all dreamers are misunderstood and so many times are fought by those that are close to them, who would have perhaps stood with them as enemies and challenges swing them around.

The most attacked and misunderstood people are those with good hearts. People whose actions will finally lead to liberation of others are even sometimes thrown into prison, to spend years there, by the very people they yearn to deliver from slavery and lack.

Look the world into the face and believe that in spite of all the terrible hearts of people you are today facing, time will come and foes will become friends who will help you race to great victory.

He who says it cannot be done is lying. It is his opinion anyway. Such goods called opinions are common on the world market and are sold by even those with no capital. To some people, to discourage is business.

The world may say it has dumped or deserted you but someone, perhaps an angel, will always be there, beside you, telling you, “Fear not! God is with you and He will help you!”Surely, someone loves you and what you do. So, fear not.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist.

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