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Is Thaddeus’s ghost haunting Rabadaba?


Is Thaddeus’s ghost haunting Rabadaba?

Notorius; Bad man Singer Rabadaba is accused of killing Thaddeus

Last year since Rastafarian Thaddeus Buyegu died, he cant sleep and wakes up shouting at night, mbu even his family is now worried that there is something very wrong, before that Rabadaa used to drink alcohol while hiding because he is a Muslim (Faisal) but when this guy died he now stays in bars all night.

Although, he was exonerated from killing Buyegu, he now cannot perform and always staying in bars till they close.

Now, the worst thing is that he has turned to drugs. One family member has suggested that they take him to a Sheikh so that he can be prayed for. Jjust last week, he fainted in Club Venom and people thought that he is just high, ut he confessed to one guy that he just cant sleep! Now Rabadaba will it be a Sheikh or should we call Maama Fina (ayokye omuzimu)



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