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Rema pregnant again! locked up


Rema pregnant again! locked up

Rema Namakula

I know many will think that this is her first pregnancy, I mean the one we all knew about, but wapi, Rafiki can tell you that this is a second one.

Since this is the Holy month of Ramathan, Rafiki would not like to speculate about what happened with the first one but all Rafiki can exclusively tell is that this song bird is again having a tot in her belly.

Eddy Kenzo has even told everyone close to him that he is responsible, and to show his responsibility, he has banned Rema from all night performances and instructed her to remain indoors while he looks for the money.

Mbu he has vowed she will only return after getting better, could the night shows have been responsible for the first misfortune??

Kenzo has told close buddies that the Sheikhs will soon have some work on their hands courtesy of him and Rema. Congs guys.



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