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Anne Kansiime hubby in trouble


Anne Kansiime hubby in trouble

Anne Kansiime

When she woke up and posted that she was going for ‘Okuhingira’ that weekend, there is another petit girl who is always hanging with Ojok.

Mbu they are always seen in the company of each other, one thing that really frightened our snoop is that Ojok was seen with this gal at un-godly hours, although they were in the company of many.

Now Rafiki can advise Anne one thing, ‘Its true that you are making money in Kenya on your show ‘Dont mess with Kansiime’ but some people will dare mess with you when you are far though they may fear you when you are near.

I hope you know the Swahili saying “Fimbo ya mbali haiui nyoka” literally meaning that “a stick that is far can’t kill a snake.”

Don’t say Rafiki didn’t warn you!



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