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Late rally ace leaves billions on a done deal!


Late rally ace leaves billions on a done deal!

Hajji Junju is one of the people that popularized rally driving in Uganda. You cannot talk of rally’s history without mentioning the names of two rally aces Hajj Kawere and Hajji Junju who reigned during Amins time
However the fall of Amin saw these two Hajji’s hitting trouble as fast as they used to cruise their cars, mbu Hajji Junju got embroiled in a long legal war with a one Muhangi for a chunk of land that is worth billions.

A close source has informed Grapevine that, the case was recently ruled in favour of Hajji Junju and that they have already returned the land to him.

Rafiki also learnt that the Hajj was about to sell this land, on which stands a bus park in Kisenyi in millions of dollars when death struck.

Now Rafiki has heard that there is already tension in the family between the beneficiaries who are about to inherit the billions from the obvious impending sale.

As we say in Islam Inna lillahi Waina Ilahi Rajiun,but lets pray for the family!!!!!!



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