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Is Chameleon planning to flee Uganda?


Is Chameleon planning to flee Uganda?

Singer Jose Chameleone

Singer Jose Chameleone

Our snoop in Nairobi has informed Rafiki that Chameleone’s buddies in Nairobi are busy house hunting for a family house for Dr. Kamili.

Mbu he has told this associate from Ogopa DJ, and have now resorted to using the media to tarnish his name to the extent of wanting to break up his marriage by always portraying him as an unfaithful husband and a rapist who even fights for women whenever he goes.

Mbu, others are trying to pin him on a murder charge when the police already found him innocent.

Mbu he is not ready to see his children growing seeing this kind of sh*t and hatred.

That Chamilli has also asked this associate of his to look for good schools for his children.

Now question is: Is Chamilli running away from haters or walking away from his troubles?



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