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What is happening to Revival band


What is happening to Revival band

Mesach Semakula

Mesach Semakula

Rafiki starts this by congratulating Afrigo band which recently clocked 40 years the congratulations were overdue especially after Rafiki scrutinized other musical groups and bands in Uganda.

The list is endless of bands which have fallen along the way now Rafiki is worried that the one recent light at the end of the tunnel Revival band is now in trouble.

Whatever is happening there, Rafiki has not confirmed but has learnt from rumour mongers that whenever a band member of this group releases a hit song he or she is quick to pack their bags and run away.

The latest being Hassan Ndugga who is alleged to have gone awol recently, if this be true, it leaves only Nabbi Omukazi Maggie Kayima the only long serving member of the group

Now Rafiki is asking; What is the problem here since none can dare to send juju to pastor Iga because of his famous abizzayo tag. It makes this very surprising especially following the fact that Iga is a good leader after his successful Church and a recent mega school where many are studying for free.

Is it a matter of bands being very hard to manage?????



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