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Frank Gashumba making another ‘Sheila ‘


Frank Gashumba making another ‘Sheila ‘

When one wants to talk about innovative dads Frank Gashumba tops the list in Uganda.

I am not talking about fathers who are politically connected that I would give to JPAM but I am talking about dads that have started from their own innovations.

Rafiki has learnt that Frank Gashumba is pushing Aisha Nabukeera (You all remember the one who was burnt by her step mum to near death) to become miss Uganda.

Apparently Aisha who is gearing to enter university has been selected as one of the beauties representing central Uganda mbu Frank is pushing the judges to announce her as miss Uganda using the sympathy vote…..

If this is one of the the criteria for the crown its okay with me okay? Well well well, Aisha has truly grown to be a fair lady but its only Gashumba that can do the impossible when it comes to daughters!



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