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‘Team good music ‘dine in smoke


‘Team good music ‘dine in smoke

Following Mzee Mayanja’s advice to police during AK47’s burial, Rafiki is coming out to send an SOS to who ever cares to listen that Pallaso and his new group Team good Music will one of these days get problems due to the amount of smoke they inhale

Rafiki was a guest at their new ka joint called ‘Mukibati’ one can confuse the place with a kitchen because of the amount of smoke that emanates from there.

comes The only difference is that, when you enter the place you too get stoned…..when Rafiki got there this week…he left the place happier than when he entered

He was only told later that his happiness was because of the effect of the smoke …….

Someone should do something especially having in mind that these are extremely talented youths !



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