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Binaisa 128 acre hill on sale for 600m per acre


Binaisa 128 acre hill on sale for 600m per acre

While following on this story, a broker in Nalumunye told Rafiki that, it takes only one day for some one to become super rich for the rest of their life when they are president.

And what Rafiki saw, indeed made him believe this analogy. Apparently, this hill overlooking Kampala is even known as Binaisa, and what is happening is that it is on sale. This hill which comprises of 128 acre is going at an asking price of 600 million Uganda shillings per acre. Rafiki math tells him that this is a staggering UG Sh 76.800,000,000.

Now whether anyone can buy this or not Rafiki has no way of knowing, but he is wondering, if Binaisa ruled for only 9 month and he own such prime property, think of how much those who have ruled for decades have? Rafiki has now come to believe that he did himself a disservice for not joining politics when he could!



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