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New twist in GSnake assault case


New twist in GSnake assault case

When Frank clobbered G snake, she was clever enough to post to the world her disfigured face and symphathy came pouring in from all corners.

Then Frank went AWOL but as the say in Kiswahili “Mkono wa serikari ni mrefu’ meaning the long arm of the law finally Frank is now in Kigo prison awaiting trial.

Rafiki has learnt that, Frank is going to claim that G Snake is his lover and that she provoked him with another man.

However, a close source has indicated that G Snake is going to ask for 50 million if it comes to an out of court settlement because during all this time she has gone through mental anguish and has also lost income.

Was it a love, crime or bad business? Rafiki will be in court to tell you more!



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