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Ssemwanga broke amidst pregnancy claims


Ssemwanga broke amidst pregnancy claims

The couple during their happy times

The couple during their happy times

Grapevine has learnt that the once flamboyant Ssemwanga is no more. Our snoop bumped into him in a small bar where he was

sipping a club beer in a calculated way typical of poor people.

Gone are the days when he used to splash litres of expensive wines with an entourage of wannabes and friends.

The bar tender in this tiny bar informed our snoop that our once lavish guy these days takes 3-5 beers and he leaves in his now old


Our snoop also learnt that the guy is chest thumping mbu Zari will come back to him very soon.

Meanwhile, Rafiki has learnt that Ssemwanga allegedly has three cases of girls claiming that he has ballooned them. This brings Rafiki

to wonder, if our friend has ever heard of things called condoms and HIV!



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