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NRM Secretary General ‘Kasule’ spotted seeking ‘Mikisa’.


NRM Secretary General ‘Kasule’ spotted seeking ‘Mikisa’.

NRM Secretrary General Kasule Lumumba

NRM Secretrary General Kasule Lumumba

One would think that the ruling party has everything wrapped around their fingers especially when it comes to the forth coming elections, but our snoop was shocked to find out that the NRM is leaving nothing to chance.

Some years ago, the then Vice President Gilbert Bukenya had to enter a shrine for the sake of the party (Rafiki thinks he forgot praying for himself ).

Now this time round, it is SG Kasule looking for victory everywhere.

Rafiki spotted this good lady in Nyanama entering the ever crowded prayer place for a one father Raymond, a Catholic priest who is said to give direct blessings from God.

Rafiki has learnt that Father Raymond asks you for your wish, and when you tell him, he prays over it, gives you holy water or oil, and even gives you the exact day when your wish will be fulfilled by the Almighty God!

Rafiki hopes that Kasule remembered to ask for blessing for herself least she goes the same way as her precedents!




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