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Tamale Mirundi resists surrendering revolver?


Tamale Mirundi resists surrendering revolver?

Senior Presidential Advisor Tamale Mirundi

Senior Presidential Advisor Tamale Mirundi

The last time Rafiki wrote about Tamale Mirundi, he called Rafiki’s editor and threatened him and even boasted on radio that he had “flogged him (the editor) and he was now nursing wounds.”

Incidentally, this time round the story is on the same subject the ‘gun’, story then was how Tamale was always swaying his gun for all and sundry to see that he had a revolver!

Now this time, a close source has indicated that after losing his job, Mirundi has allegedly been asked to return what Rafiki has found out to be a state house gun to the relevant office, a directive that Tamale has resisted strongly!

A small investigation has revealed that, the gun act has only three categories of possession of a gun.

1. Police, that, Station guns here are shared by officers on duty and that after a gun being used by one officer they can return it and another

officer uses it.

2. The Military, that here guns are individually owned by one soldier. That when you join a gun is assigned to you as an individual.

3. The civilian, that here the gun is owned by obtaining a license from Internal Affairs.

4. But Mirundi’s gun does not fall under any of the above categories. Will he stay with the State house gun or apply for a license? Watch this space.



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