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Tamale Mirundi wins battle


Tamale Mirundi wins battle

Rafiki is not one who will report something and leave it hanging. Last week Rafiki reported that Tamale Mirundi did not want to his revolver taken away from him because of his imaginary or real enemies.

Apparently our snoop in Statehouse has informed Rafiki that Tamale Mirundi has emerged tops in this aspect, in that the big guy has given him the best deal for a State House ex staff.

That this deal even shocked some generals plus some Tamale haters and here is the deal…

Despite being sacked, Tamale will keep his salary with all the benefits and he will keep his security details including his unfired revolver.
He will also have the president’s ear round the clock. With this he is forbidden from disclosing anything that he learnt or saw in the Statehouse during his reign….

Now that is what Rafiki calls winning Round Two.



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